Benefits Enrollment
Assistance with and enrollment in income support programs such as food stamps, MediCAL, and the self-sufficiency calculator.
Banking Product Training
Assistance and support in the use of banking products such as pre-paid debit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit products.
Basic Budgeting
Creating individual and family budgets to help maximize income, meet payment obligations, and save money.
Child Support and Other Payments
Assistance in planning for child support payments and collections, liaison with Department of Child Support Services.
Childcare Enrollment
Identification of and enrollment in quality, affordable, and accessible childcare that meets family needs.
Community Economic Education
Education on the relationship between residents, business, development, and government; how people can invest back into their communities and participate in processes that affect their families and neighbors.
Credit Repair Counseling
Guidance in improving credit scores and paying down debt.
Debt and Bankruptcy Counseling
Guidance in paying down debt and decision-making regarding filing for bankruptcy.
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
The EITC is a refundable federal income tax credit for low-income working individuals and families.
Employment Readiness and Training
Career and job specific training, resume building, job search assistance, interview preparation or other assistance in employment readiness.
Financial Counseling and Planning
Review of financial situation and any employment, immigration, legal, or family matters affecting such situation and requiring assistance. One-on-one or small group counseling, problem-solving and planning to help meet client’s financial goals.
Financial Education and Management
Group or one-on-one education on financial best-practices and money management techniques.
Foreclosure Legal Assistance
Legal assistance and advocacy for individuals and families in danger of being foreclosed upon.
Foreclosure Prevention and Counseling
Counseling and planning for payments and loan terms in order to help prevent foreclosure.
Home-Ownership Assistance
Planning and saving, determining affordability, acquiring financial assistance (e.g. first-time homebuyer grants), loan application and negotiation for fair loan terms, and other pre-purchase counseling for home-ownership.
Home-Rental Assistance
Determining affordability and eligibility for subsidies; locating available units, rental application assistance.
IDAs (Individual Development Accounts)
IDAs are matched saving accounts most often for the purpose of home ownership, higher education, or small business start-up. Most IDAs are matched at a rate of $2 for every $1 a client saves with varying requirements for the savings goal.
Immigration Assistance
Legal and advocacy assistance in all matters pertaining to immigrant rights, status, and applications
Identifying opportunities for financial savings in retirement accounts or other ventures to build assets.
Job Placement
Connection with employers and support in pre- and post- employment process. Assistance in obtaining jobs with sustainable wages and good benefits.
Predatory Lending Education and Advocacy
Information about predatory financial products and services (e.g. payday loans, check cashing, sub-prime loans) including non-predatory alternatives. Advocacy for victims of predatory financial practices.
Retirement Planning
Budgeting, financial planning, and investing to save for retirement.
Social Services
May include domestic violence services and counseling, prisoner re-entry programs, child protection, homeless services, and other family support programs.
Tax Preparation and EITC
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites perform free tax preparation for low-income people and assistance in determining eligibility for tax credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.
Tenant Rights
Legal and advocacy services to tenants.
Assistance in addressing transportation needs including enrollment in reduced fare programs for public transit, and budgeting for automobile purchase and upkeep.
Utility Subsidies
Assistance in application for utility subsidies such as PG&E;, telephone, and car insurance discounts for low-income families.
Workplace Rights
Advocacy in employee-employer disputes, education about worker rights, worker safety trainings, assistance in filing grievances, facilitate connection to labor unions or other worker-rights organizations.